23 February 2018

Sadly Saying Farewell To Simbo...

Heartbreaking moments as Imogen says goodbye to her beloved pony Simbo.  

They've grown up together, they've trotted through meadows together and have shared precious moments that will stay in each mind forever.  

Sadly there comes a time when we must allow Simbo to move on to greater pastures. He deserves more space, a large field to gallop around in, and due to rising stable costs we simply can no longer provide him with the growing living surroundings  he deserves.  

Although Imogen is desperately sad to see her best animal friend leave, she is mature enough to understand that a young pony has certain well being needs too, so it is with much reservation all must finally part.

If you feel you can provide the right circumstances Simbo needs, please follow the 


where you will find his listing.  

He is a very loving pony, so needs a loving home.

Measures: approx 20"

Brand: Paradise Horses

Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

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Susannah x

16 February 2018

New Alpine Aprons

Florence and her sister Imogen have been busy this week modelling the new 'Alpine Aprons' inspired by their Swiss heritage.  They've also been working hard in the doll studio, helping me to thread needles, snip threads and sew on tiny little bows and buttons.  
We hope you like the result, here they are!

Many of the items featured in this blog are available from the:

Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

Susannah x

11 February 2018

Florence finds...

"I know Florence, but sometimes you simply can't 
have everything you see".

Many clothes and accessories featured in this blog are available to purchase from

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Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

Susannah x

31 January 2018

A New Ditsy Dress For Sasha!

Here is a new one-of-a-kind dress I made for Sasha.

 I used a ditsy vintage fabric and embellished it with tea lace and satin ribbon. 

I love sewing dresses for Sasha on my wonderful old Vickers hand-crank machine.  

It's about 80 years old and my very favourite machine to sew on.  The best thing is, I can bring it out into the sunshine during the summer months and sew without the aid of electricity, listening to the birds singing under an English blue sky.  I love the tactile control this old machine gives, something you don't get with modern machines, guided by the hand, it has never let me down and we work together very peacefully. 

It's even stitched a Verity Hope dress for me to wear out of the very same fabric... 

~ ideal for berry picking?!

If you like sewing too, this Verity Hope dress is available from the Etsy shop as an instant download sewing pattern: 

I make many of my cloth dolls on this machine too.

The Sasha dress is currently available from the

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Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

Susannah X

19 January 2018

Original Dolls Available


Here are some little felt characters that I hand stitched a while ago.  
Some of you may recognise them from the downloadable sewing pattern which is available HERE
These are the original animals that are now up for sale!

And here's the tutorial pattern...

Thank you for looking,
Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

Susannah x