18 August 2017

Chrysnbon Arrowback Rocking Chair Kit

This is my first try at a Chrysnbon kit.  
Had a beady eye on the arrowback rocking chair for quite some time and could resist no more...

The diagram and instructions look pretty straight forward...

They're plastic moulded and extremely detailed. 

Don't do what I did and use a glue like this all purpose gel glue.  Although it did stick in the end it took forever and made the project more fiddly than it should have been.  There is a cement type of glue available which goes with the kits.  I purchased my kit from ART OF MINI and JENNIFERS OF WALSALL also sells it along with that special glue.

The kit came with a little transfer to place over the chair back but I preferred to leave this off...

Here's the little foot stall...

In the instructions it mentioned a stain to cover the chair with but my kit didn't seem to have that.  I didn't mind though because I wanted to paint the chair and also sanded it a little to give it age.  I then completed it by sealing with old faithful Modge Podge.
May make a little blanket or cushion to throw over it...

Amelia has her eye on it straight away...!

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this kit....


 Susannah x

13 August 2017

Verity Hope Tag Dolls

I first started making these little dolls on hang tags a few years ago and have had so many requests for them again, I succumbed and here they are again!

Each little doll has a hand embroidered face by me (Susannah) and is 3" tall.  They can easily be removed from the tag and be posed.

So here they are and do click through to the Etsy link at the top for availability... Enjoy!!

In my humble opinion...  we should never feel we need to grow up, stop playing with dolls or creating imaginary worlds.  We all need our little retreats in life...

Happy days to all those who still play!

Susannah x

9 August 2017

Early Dolls...

Hello, I'm Susannah and welcome to my miniature doll blog.

I am greatly inspired by the vintage dollhouse figures of the 30s, 40s and 50s.
Here is an example of a BAPS doll that was made around the 1950s...

The Verity Hope dolls I produce are usually available as doll making kits but  this month I have released a few ready made early style Verity Hope dolls. They have hand embroidered faces and hand sewn felt clothing.

As you can see, they are very different from the newer style Verity Hope dolls and kits which are around 13 cm and 1/12th scale. 

These earlier dolls are much slimmer altogether and are more in line with 1/16th scale.

Penelope is slightly smaller - 7 cm.

Chloe, Dick and Harry are all 10 cm.

They may still be available from the ETSY shop link here and above.

Thank you for visiting...


Susannah x