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3 February 2019


I am currently developing a brand new range of classic
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24 June 2018

Heidi's Meadow

Hello, I'm Susannah from Verity Hope and welcome to 
'Our Happy Little World!

I don't know about you but there's something about the idea of fresh mountain air, grassy slopes and the faint murmur of bells whispering over fresh meadows that constantly calls me.  
Do you have those moments?  Maybe it's a place you visited or just some sort of little moment you had that really didn't feel terribly significant at the time but later on draws you and draws you to repeat it again.  I long to visit the Alps again in the Summertime.  Too many years have passed, one day I will have to return.
In the meantime, in between refreshing my mind reading Heidi, I designed a little introductory Alpine range for Sasha, inspired by her Swiss heritage and Alpine fantasy.  Each little dress comes with its own scarf to keep Sasha warm during her strolls over the grassy meadows in the fresh mountainous air.  There are three dress sets and one stand alone apron so just a few chances to purchase while available from the ETSY SHOP

A misty white bodice over a skirt of wild poppies, add to it a cosy snowy shawl for those misty mornings...

A robust yet dainty full apron with back fastening, this will spruce up many a dress in Sasha's wardrobe, not to mention bring out her baking skills... Swiss buns by any chance?

A milky white textured bodice, surrounded by poppies but this time with a lacy attached apron and textured walking shawl. Perfect for those misty mountain mornings!

Soft bracken, a faint hoot of an owl, gently swishing pine trees.  Sasha can cosy up in her snowy white shawl while she tip toes through the forest floor. Where will the twisting paths lead her? This pretty rose red and blue skirted dress will be perfect for her fantasy forest adventures.... 

"Hush, hush, what's ahead!
I see something in sight!
Be ever so still...
We don't want to fright!"

Thank you for coming and do keep taking a peak at the Etsy shop because I'm continually adding new Sasha surprises.
Remember, what you see one day maybe gone the next! 

'Our Happy Little World!"

This is me in an original Verity Hope dress soon to be available as a sewing pattern from Simplicity!
Susannah X

8 June 2018

The Last of The Spring 2018 Range Out Now!

Hello, I'm Susannah from Verity Hope and welcome to 
Verity Hope's World!

Announcing the Verity Hope Spring 2018 Peaches 'n' Cream range for Sasha!

I am so excited to show you the final part of the Sasha Spring 2018 range which I've just completed!

Phew!... what a busy but rewarding week!  It has been so lovely communicating with all the lovely loyal followers of Verity Hope and it thrills me each time I send off a new little parcel to all the dolly houses around the globe!

So without further delay, here are pics of the completed range.  I've posted them all up in the:

Many pieces are one off designs and sell out quickly so what you see one day in the shop may be gone the next, but hey, that's all part of the fun of surprises isn't it!

So without further ado, may I introduce to you the final pieces in the 




And last but not least, Claudia and I had a bit of fun dressing up as Edwardian Librarians...

'Our Happy Little World!"

To see the last remaining pieces in the Sasha Peaches 'n' Cream Spring 2018 range visit:

Do sign up to the newsletter in the sidebar to keep in touch with latest ranges.  I promise not to send out too many newsletters but just the odd seasonal one at Christmas and new seasons, that sort of thing.

Thank you for visiting and do pop in again!
Susannah x