Hello, I'm Susannah...

If like me, you love being creative and cherish the escapism of imaginary worlds
~ then this is the ideal hobby for you.

Combining basic needlework skills with an age old technique of yarn wrapping popularised in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, this little art of doll making will soon reward you with many happy hours of relaxation.

I use the very best materials available for the task.
Custom printed fabrics in scale with the little poseable bodies together with a distinctive and timeless face are all unique to Verity Hope.  One hundred percent wool yarn is chosen for its sense of childhood warmth.

Do not think you are too old to enjoy this frivolous endeavor, we should never feel we need to grow up, stop playing with dolls or creating imaginary worlds.  We all need our little retreats in life...

Happy days to all those who still play!

 Susannah - Creator of Verity Hope

The Technique
Since early childhood I have been using the traditional doll making technique of yarn wrapping. This method was popular during the 1930s and 40s wartime Britain to produce miniature doll house characters during times of material scarcity. Grecon dolls are probably the most well known examples in Britain.  Having been inspired by some of the surviving relics of the past, I work hard to create a unique modern collection based on this age old technique. 

My aim is to enable others to experience this all encompassing and peaceful pastime too.  
Please spread the happy word.

One last thing: Why do I call the brand 'Verity Hope'?
Verity Hope has evolved from my own theatrical training background.  She is a little character I have created and am currently developing little story rhymes around her world. 


I hope you will be inspired to make a little character too and enjoy sharing your own little images on your personal social media pages.

Susannah x

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