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18 June 2013


There's something about summer and embroidery that goes beautifully together. The marriage between delicate wildflowers that carpet the English meadows with the silky hues of embroidery silks... it's a match made in heaven and should be exploited fully!

I couldn't resist this union any longer and so have started on my new series of Verity Hope designs.

As many of you know, Verity Hope's world is full of summer days, lavender fields and that oh so 'francais' feel. In her imaginary world, she resides in a modest home with her family in a small village in Provence very close to the wonderful lavender fields.

I decided to capture Verity Hope standing simply amongst her beloved lavender wearing her favourite green dress and iconic grey berret. To bring out the richness of her dress I chose long stitches since these gave a lovely fullness and finished it off with a strawberry red sash to match her shoes.

The lavender she stands amongst was kept to a minimum in order to lure the eye to the whole design and not detract.  I will in time create a whole meadow of lavender so Verity Hope can twirl around to her hearts' content!

Happy days to all those who still play x

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  1. ...greetings dear new kindred! ~ thee makes me biggest smile! ~ thine playtimes are pure bliss!...
    ...'tis soooooooOoh wonderful to meet with thee! ~ blessed be!...(O: