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2 July 2013

Amelie's anticipation of the meadow...

Amelie, little sister of Verity Hope cannot wait to get down to her favourite butterfly meadow after the last week of school. Eight wonderful weeks of twirling amongst the carpet of wild flowers and tall grasses!

Oh what bliss awakes her!  


There is not a sight more splendid to her eyes, than to see rolling hills of camomile, aromatic scented may weed and the soft blue hues of cornflowers...

... but most of all, she's looking forward to re-uniting with her darling kindred friends. The winged chorus never fails to mesmerize as they dance over flower tops, dipping and diving through the hedgerows, lighting up each last precious moment they spend on perfect wings. 

It is a very special relationship that Amelie has between herself and the butterflies of papillon meadow. They may be small and fleeting... but in her heart she knows... they know her too...

 ... and most importantly of all, they remind her that:

When you open yourself to experience beauty in the simplest things,
a new world unveils before your eyes!

- Venetia Stanley Smith

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