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29 November 2013

What we need...?

Does anyone feel they need a change in life?

There are some areas of my life that I want to change. It's not easy, sometimes we're put in situations because of consequences that are 'MAYBE' out of our control... well I don't really mean 'we're not in control of our lives', I suppose what I really mean is that, I like to think we are put in certain situations because:

Jane Austen
1. Either we're meant to learn something...
2. We're there to help someone else...
3. It's part of our current karma...

After all... it's not always about 'US' is it?

Verity Hope and little Sister Amelie
We can of course break through our karma and not be subject to it, but it takes a lot of volition, an incredible amount, and sometimes the hardest part is RECOGNISING what it is we're supposed to be learning...


You may of course disagree with all this... PLEASE COMMENT

Fabien Lapin, Pipi Lapin, Millie, Amelie, Verity Hope

But one thing is for sure...

Sometimes... SOMETIMES... no matter how hard we try... life takes us in a completely different direction to what we THOUGHT we wanted...

It's not about what we WANT...

It's about what we NEED....

An embroidery I did for 'Verity Hope and the honey bees'


'Ask Verity Hope her wish of a treat
And swiftly she’ll answer “it’s natural and sweet!”
Then point to a mass high up in the trees
The incredible hive of the wise honey bees'

'Follow Your Heart'... and it will guide...

Your thoughts and experiences on this subject?

Susannah x 

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