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7 January 2014

Madeline's Family...

Little 'Bobo' is the beloved pet dog in Madeline's family. Little 'Bobo' lives with his family in Provence, in sunniest South of France, in the same village where Verity Hope lives with her family. 

'By the fields of Provence where lavenders sway,
Honey bees gather and butterflies play,
Where laughter and love is all that you need'

Bobo has been hand sculpted from pipe cleaners, he is wearing his favourite country brown coat which Madeline placed on him to keep warm and has a real leather collar and lead.

Bobo's family - Vivianne, Mother - Madeline and little Hilaire are for sale.

Bobo  measures 5 cm long and 4 cm high.

This is little 'Hilaire'


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