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13 January 2014

Meet Marianne's family....

Meet Marianne's family....

Marianne has elegant ash brown hair and is carrying a fresh bunch of her favourite fragrant lavender, grown on the local farms.

Marianne lives in Provence, in the South of France, in the same village that Verity hope lives with her own family.

'The family live on a prosperous old farm,
A quaint little place holding whimsical charm,
For lavenders’ rich, not only in hue,
Her pureness of oils providing a clue.'

Marianne's daughters - Lili and BĂ©atrice and beloved pet dog Bobo love spending long sunny days amongst the fragrant lavender which grows all around on the near by farms in Provence.

"Slow Summer days are drawing a close”,
Sighed Pipi Lapin to Amelie Rose,
“Let’s play in the fields as much as we can”,
Said Verity Hope to Fabien Lapin.

MARIANNE and her family are available now.  

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