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4 January 2015

Afternoon Tea Celebration

It has been quite a season of festivities hasn't it and I must admit I do rather like it once the New Year is finally with us and things get slowly back to normal.  
A quieter more peaceful pace is how it should be, don't you think?

However there was one more celebration to do! .... my Sister's birthday! 
and what better way to celebrate it than having Afternoon tea at...

It was only two weeks ago (at the peak of the Christmas squeeze) that I was there celebrating my own birthday celebration there.... well, we Ladies must treat ourselves mustn't we...!

We had a table in the 'Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon' on the 4th floor.  So very elegant and utterly alluring as one sweeps up the winding side stairs.  Heading there, I couldn't resist this delightful little bar of soap so beautifully packaged...

Back in the tea salon my Sister and I chose the 'Queen Anne' and "Smokey Earl Grey' teas to begin our Afternoon.

The Queen Anne tea is a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas and the latter a wonderful combination of Bergamot, Lapsang and Gunpowder teas.  I much preferred the Smokey Earl Grey but not surprising since it contained my favourite Lapsang Souchong.

We also selected to sample the Keemun and Chai.  The first was a heavier malty classic tea rather like a nuttier Assam and as I blend my own teas especially Chai, all the time at home, it was interesting to compare my humble recipe with that of the 'Masters".  

I nearly always drink chai with at least 50% warm milk (sometimes all milk) and I add some sugar.  I first got into this warm spicy way of drinking tea whilst living out in India a few years back, it almost became addictive waiting for 5pm when the Chai boy would come round with his huge jug of the warm blend.  Surprisingly very refreshing in the hot Indian sun.

Anyway, back to London!... Leaving very full and satisfied, we headed down to the first floor where of course all the teas are beautifully on display....

You can purchase tea by weight or in pre-packaged boxed and tin caddies...

What a heavenly site to the eyes!

And of course one can't leave without a few little goodies! 

I shall certainly be blending my Earl Grey with Lapsang from now on!

Have a wonderful day and may you make yourself a nice cup of tea at some point...

Susannah x

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