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28 May 2017

A visit to the festival...

I recently visited the Spring 

Always an inspiration, the level of miniature craftsmanship is out of this world.

The nostalgic dolls of Joyce Coles caught my eye straight away. They were part of a vintage miniatures collection displayed at the entrance.  I love the tiny tartan Scotsman, all the little outfits capture a bygone era. 

Top of the list was to pay a visit to the Art Of Mini stand.  I LOVE the kits they produce and the German owners were such a delight to talk to.

I bought a few kits including their French desk.

Do take a look at their website: ART OF MINI

Putting the desk together was a lot of fun.  I did take step by step photos so you could see how I assembled it but lost the pics when my phone had to get rebooted.  Managed to retrieve a few though so you can get the idea.

The kit comes as MDF laser cut.
I used my favourite Modge Podge to stick it together.  It's slow drying (about 20 mins) so if you make a mistake (which I did), you can easily pull it apart again before it dries completely.

 I painted painted the desk a nostalgic greeny colour along with some other furniture to create a little backdrop for  the Verity Hope girls.

Now to take some pics with the Verity Hope girls on set. 
That'll be fun!

In the meantime enjoy the sunshine...

and take time to skip!

Thank you for visiting,
Susannah x

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