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31 January 2018

A New Ditsy Dress For Sasha!

Here is a new one-of-a-kind dress I made for Sasha.

 I used a ditsy vintage fabric and embellished it with tea lace and satin ribbon. 

I love sewing dresses for Sasha on my wonderful old Vickers hand-crank machine.  

It's about 80 years old and my very favourite machine to sew on.  The best thing is, I can bring it out into the sunshine during the summer months and sew without the aid of electricity, listening to the birds singing under an English blue sky.  I love the tactile control this old machine gives, something you don't get with modern machines, guided by the hand, it has never let me down and we work together very peacefully. 

It's even stitched a Verity Hope dress for me to wear out of the very same fabric... 

~ ideal for berry picking?!

If you like sewing too, this Verity Hope dress is available from the Etsy shop as an instant download sewing pattern: 

I make many of my cloth dolls on this machine too.

The Sasha dress is currently available from the

Thank you for visiting my blog and do come again.

Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

Susannah X

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