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2 April 2018

A new little Sasha clothing range.

The new Verity Hope Sasha clothing range launched on Etsy a couple of weeks ago to a fantastic response. I've been blown away by the wonderful feedback from such lovely customers who I also regard as Sasha friends.

It's been so much fun putting the creamy linen range together and the girls, Imogen and Florence had enormous fun getting into their role as supermodels for the Verity Hope brand.

Each studio inspired dress is slightly different from the next and is mixed and matched with aprons and cosy shawls.

Florence and Imogen wore their new dresses for their Easter egg hunt at the weekend, I think you'll agree they looked positively girly in them!

If you haven't already seen the VERITY HOPE ETSY SHOP, this is the link to take a peak and browse the available styles... ETSY

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'Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!'

Susannah x

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