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17 July 2013

Verity Hope and the butterflies...

The beautiful rolling fields of Provencal lavender behind Verity Hope's house are second to none. However, there is nothing more splendid to Verity Hope's eyes, than to see the first butterflies of summer.
adding lavender

Amelie, her little sister is even more in awe of these delicate and temporary little creatures and is usually the first to spot a new beauty.
outline almost completed

The two sisters delight in visiting their favourite papillon meadow through out the long hot summer days of June, July and August, together with their butterfly nets, sketch book and pencil and bags of sherbet lemons.

In Amelie's case, the bag of sweets doesn't last long but she is learning to pace them more now and to suck them rather than crunch, since her big Sister Verity Hope can make a bag last three days.
tiny loops are added to create lavender tuffs

The butterfly nets are constructed thoughtfully with a very fine mesh and elongated drop. The is to ensure that the butterflies they catch are never hurt, merely observed and admired to their fullest perfection. Each butterfly is carefully released after such admirable inspection, so as not to damaged the dust off their delicate wings. This is very important, for if butterflies loose any of their precious dust they become unable to fly, so both Sisters take uttermost care never to hold a butterfly by their wings.
strands of hair are sewn into place
Verity Hope and Amelie have noticed over the past couple of summers, that there doesn't seem to be as many butterflies dancing their orchestral waltz over the meadows as have been observed in previous years. In fact it is slightly alarming and one could describe it as a 'dramatic' drop in numbers. The two sisters have done well to observe this... for as we sadly know, butterfly numbers worldwide are dropping at an alarming rate.
Verity Hope and the honey bees
Verity Hope and Amelie send their warmest wishes to you and have asked that when you do see a little butterfly fluttering by this summer, either in the garden, or may be over a meadow of wild flowers, do say a little prayer for it's survival because it has probably had to overcome tremendous feats and strength of will to be flying by so seemingly fancy free.

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