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10 July 2013

Verity Hope's favourite green dress...

Every so often a new Verity Hope doll is born, each taking on their own little charm but retaining the same persona of character.

Today it is the turn of Verity Hope in her favourite green dress. The same green dress you will most likely see her in when she is collecting honey, or selling fragrant lavender buns at the Saturday morning market or simply enjoying wafting through her family's lavender field behind their home.

Verity Hope prefers a simple style of dress, a shape that is comfortable and that she can easily move about in, which is most important on days when she must go to the bee tree and collect honey.

Three shades of green make up the colour palette of her favourite 'robe'... finished off by a cheery cherry empire line red sash that matches her shoes.

Verity Hope says that whenever she wears the colour green and particularly when she is wearing her favourite green dress, she instantly feels a deeper connection with the earth and the perfect balance of nature.
Who could disagree...

...And of course, no Verity Hope would be complete without her little Sister Amelie by her side x

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