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27 July 2013

Verity Hope's Market Stall

As many of you will know, Verity Hope and her family live in a small market village in the beautiful lavender region of Provence.

Her family have been cultivating fragrant lavender for the past fifteen years, starting with a small plot of land behind their three storey home and slowly progressing to a whole field, rented from a local farmer.

Over the years they have blossomed into lavender oil production for the commercial market and have gained a reputation for quality and purity.

Entrepreneurism runs strongly in the family, for Verity Hope has started a small little enterprise of her very own. Each fortnight she can be found running a very popular market stall in the centre of the village along with other local vendors selling home grown produce and handmade gifts.

The farmer's market is a big attraction for tourists who come to stay in the village while exploring the wonderful rolling fields of lavender around the region. Verity Hope's family have tourist students to stay sometimes, which I'll tell you about another time...

If you are lucky enough to visit Verity Hope's market stall you will first notice the alluring scent of fresh lavender wafting through the air that surrounds the stall. Freshly cut bundles of these elegant blooms will await you, neatly tied up with decorative string and displayed in rustic baskets.

Embroidered lavender bags will draw your eye too, each design hand sewn onto french linen by Verity Hope's Mother who really has quite a talent with the needle.

Pretty soaps with fresh lavender oil and petals are neatly stacked beside the lavender fragrant honey. A perfect compliment to the freshly baked lavender buns, handmade by Verity Hope and her Mother... with helpful assistance from little sister Amelie.

The market stall is decorated with flowering vines and a wooden banner proudly displays the name 'Verity Hope' which was handmade and painted proudly by her Father.

So next time you happen to be in the area, between the months of April to October, do be certain to pop down to the market square on the first and third Saturday morning of the month and stop by this little welcoming market stall. You'll be certain to receive a very friendly smile and be filled with inspiration!


  1. ...'tis all so beautiful!...(O:

  2. So, so delightful! Both the words you have threaded together and the embroidery!


    1. Thank you so much and the same can be said for your words too!