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5 August 2013

Verity Hope's Lavender Embroidery...

Both Verity Hope and her little sister are keen students and are gradually developing their knowledge of the different lavender varieties, the art of cultivation and the precious handmade skills of soap making, baking and sewing. All these elements make up the success of the family business.

It is Verity Hope's Mother who we can thank for first showing her girls how to create perfect little buds and petals using a needle and thread. Sewing has been a rewarding skill for Verity Hope and she is excelling in the art of embroidery. It's probably her favourite pastime at the moment.

With lavender being so close to her heart, it seemed only natural to begin her needlework journey with this beautiful and fragrant herb as subject. This particular study is of English lavender, probably a Munstead which has a particularly soft hue and traditional charm.

Munstead is one of the most fragrant lavender varieties, with a very rounded, bushy habit and lots of flowers. It is prized for edible flowers and its high oil content that is good for essential oils. It is smaller than most lavender varieties, and blooms early.

I think you'll agree, Verity Hope's choice of study is most agreeable x