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19 August 2013


Verity Hope just wanted to show you some close up pics of this wonderful dragonfly that she found this morning...
Unfortunately its wings had got caught in something which was probably the reason for its demise (hope it wasn't the cat!), however, what a blessing to be able to get so close to one of the most amazing insects on our beautiful planet...

Its body is fully articulated (I always thought they were in one piece a bit like a caterpillar) and the eyes are just so amazing. Gazing into them, you can see very faint circles, just like crystal balls.  No wonder these wonderful creatures have inhabited the earth for so many millions of years!

Anyway, as Verity Hope is heavily into embroidery at the moment, she thought it would be nice to show you these pics in case anyone would like to use them as reference for their stumpwork or similar projects.

 Jane Nicholas has written a beautiful book on stumpwork dragonflies...
and I hope these close-ups will be very useful...
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Happy stitching! X

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