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16 August 2013

The house where Verity Hope lives...

This is the house where Verity Hope lives. When the family moved to the street, one could describe the house as being unremarkable. That was fifteen years ago before Verity Hope was born and a while before her little sister Amelie came along.

There were no shrubs growing around the house and the window frames needed a good lick of paint, not to mention the roof needing a thorough re-tile, but over the years the family have gradually made improvements to the seventy year old three storey abode and made it their home.

The lavender bushes either side were the first plants to go in, followed by the now very established window boxes. Four years ago, the right side of the roof had to be replaced after a very bad winter storm and a hook for a hanging basket was added after repairs whilst the ladder was still up. Verity Hope likes to help her Mother water the plants in the hanging basket. She usually holds the hose up at the bottom while her Mother reaches over the top of the basket and directs the water flow in.

The houses along the street are on a slight hill going upwards to the right. You will hardly notice the gradient until after you reach the end house and look back down to see where you have climbed from.

The very last house, not far from Verity Hopes', belongs to Fabien and Pipi Lapin, but I will introduce them to you a little later...


  1. lovely to meet you and your very beautiful work Verity, I am going to pop you on my blogg fee, as I think alot more people should know about you. :) p.s. I am rather smitten with your Lapin !! Have a super day and keep on creating these little treasures , love Ms Darling xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your encouraging message, it means a lot. Have a lovely weekend xxx