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28 August 2013

The house where Fabien and Pipi Lapin live

"It's ever so cosy once you get inside"...

These are the same words you will hear over and over and over again from almost anybody who has been invited inside the house of Fabien and Pipi Lapin.

The Lapins love nothing better than to snuggle up together around a warm open log fire through the long cold Winter evenings and pass around the hot toddy.

Verity Hope's family have been very close friends to the Lapins ever since they moved to the area fifteen years ago. Verity Hope and her little sister Amelie Rose have grown up skipping through the fields and playing make believe with Fabien and his younger sister Pipi ever since they can remember.

The long fragrant blue carpets have provided endless hours of 'hide and seek' and 'catch me if you can'. Not to mention the more serious pastime of butterfly observation.

Maman Lapin is a very skilled quilter and has won many first prizes at country fairs for her intriguing story quilts. Hence, the home is lovingly draped with cosiness.

Papa Lapin is a farmer like most of the community only this time it is wheat that is grown. They send their harvest to a small independent mill where it is ground into soft flour. Most of it is sold on to other businesses but a quantity is returned to the Lapin's own bakery where they bake fresh Artisan breads. The Lapin lavender herb bread is a favourite amongst the close community and a winner with passing tourists. You can find it at the local fair along side Verity Hope's lavender gifts stall.

Fabien and Pipi Lapin hope to continue to run and develop the family business one day themselves.

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