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19 September 2013

Girls' Brooch Brigade

All lined up and ready for good deeds!
My line up of Girls' Brooch Brigade, spend their days lending a hand to random acts of kindness!

Lulu, Clara and Susie are best friends and always seem to find themselves getting into adventures of the most mysterious kind.

'Girls' Brooch Brigade' are for sale now.

I'm holding back on putting too many of my little characters up at the moment, since a trip to Tokyo is ever nearing.... wheeee!

Calm down.... calm down....

But once returned, have some new ranges to display and sew....

I've just purchased a Clover yarn cutter to take on the plane...

The thought of an 11 hour flight without being able to sew is just too much, I don't think I could bare having all those hours slip by and not have little people created in my hands during that time, so this item is a must! Has anyone else ever taken one on a plane before?  Oh and sewing needles... no... don't think I'll get away with that, but maybe can disguise somehow? Hmmm?

Okay, enough of that naughty contraband thought... knitters have an even harder time!

Have a lovely weekend,
Susannah x

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