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7 October 2013

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I came to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland a little later in life than I would have liked, but the child in us remains so it's never too late to be captured by a 'wonderland' adventure...

 Lewis Carroll's classic masterpiece will enthrall children and adults alike for decades and I hope, centuries more... we never need to grow up inside.... let's enjoy the thrill of the mystical worlds and be taken to lands beyond belief forever and ever!

I'm lucky enough to live very close by to Alice's shop in Oxford.
The actual shop where Alice Liddell...

Alice Liddell
... supposedly hung out and was inspiration for Lewis Carroll. On one trip to Oxford, we were invited into Lewis Carrol's old office where he wrote 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'... it was amazing to see all the old manuscripts and working desk that has created such a classic.

Lewis Carroll


The Alice's Shop in Oxford is the authentic Alice in Wonderland Shop because it is part of the original story. Situated across the road from Alice's childhood home, the Oxford University college of Christ Church, Alice's Shop was Alice's sweet shop 150 years ago. Lewis Carroll wrote the shop into the Alice adventures in Through the Looking-Glass and the illustrator, Sir John Tenniel, sketched two illustrations of the shop for the original book. An entire episode in the story takes place in the shop.

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