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30 September 2013

Jane Austen Would Be Pleased!

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend x
  I found out from a friend that the new series of 'Mr Selfridge' has started filming....yippee! My favourite show!! Has anyone else seen it? 

She was an Extra on it last week and I may try and get a slot on set too in due course. Who wouldn't want to dress up in all that wonderful historical bliss! I simply love the Edwardian Era...

and the new series will now move onto 1914.... can't wait to hear more!

Another favourite era is the Regency? Any Jane Austen fans out there? I keep meaning every year to go to Bath when they have the Jane Austen parade...
and have even managed to talk my reluctant husband into putting on a Regency Gentleman's suit. He'd look extremely fetching and fancies the outfit worn by Sir Banastre Tarleton whose portrait hangs prominently in the National Gallery in London...

I of course, dream of wearing all the swishy ribbons and floppy bonnets and floating around through a wind swept meadow in true Jane Austen style!

Here is my humble tribute to Jane... 

This tiny 4" character in Regency dress is in my Etsy shop and will be joined by may friends in due course. Verity Hope dolls have hand embroidered faces and will last as keepsake items for future generations.

In the meantime, have a lovely week and may you dream of ribbons and silk.

Susannah x

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