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19 November 2013

Larger Verity Hope dolls and heads

Hello, I've just come back from a weekend in Brussels, has anyone else been? It was twenty years since I was last there and I'd forgotten just how beautiful the 'Grand Place' main square is. It's just the right size of City to wander around for a day or so over a quick weekend and getting there through the Channel tunnel takes no time at all. I was back home out of London by the Thames within four hours of leaving Belgium!

Thoroughly recommend going if you get the chance.

Grand Place, Brussels
 Today I've been playing around with a new larger size of Verity Hope dolls.  They are about 8 inches in height and I'm completely in Love with them. 

Large Verity Hope doll heads
 The intention is to have them in correct proportion, eg: the smaller size head, but I couldn't resist playing around with a larger head just for fun.  I must say, I'm quite tempted with the look of the larger head against the same size body so may end up doing both.

Two different size Verity Hope doll heads
 What does anyone else think?

Large Verity Hope doll bodies

Playing around with proportions is one of the best parts about doll and ornament making.  I think the eyes are tpp small on the larger head though.

Large Verity Hope dolls being made
 I love going through Pinterest and seeing eveyone else's creations, it's so inspiring and one of my favourite doll makers at the moment is Evangeline design from Malaysia. You must pop over to her facebook page here:

Oh and by the way, if you haven't yet... little Verity Hope from Provence would be delighted if you were to visit her FB page too:

Large Verity Hope dolls
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Susannah x

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