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15 November 2013

Verity Hope's Market Stall...

Verity Hope lives in a small village near the Lavender fields of Provence.

During the peak season she runs a little market stall in the local artisan market...
Verity Hope's market stall
Local produce from the nearby farms is sold to excited tourists. 
Verity Hope herself, sells handicraft gifts using fresh lavender and lavender essential oil, picked and pressed from the family farm...

Lavender products
The market is open every Saturday morning through the months of June, July and August... 

Market day in Provence
 fresh fruit, honey, pot pourri, flowers, cheeses and breads are just a small selection of fresh produce available...

Market in Provence

Market stall in Provence

An extract from:

'Essential pure oils, pot pourri and perfumes,
Lavender cushions and baskets of blooms,
Freshly baked breads, olives, spices and cheese,
Deliciously served and most certain to please...'

Verity Hope in Provence
 Susannah x

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