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13 February 2014

More Enid Blyton

I've just finished three more nature books by wonderful children's author 'Enid Blyton'.

They weren't the usual 'happy go lucky', light hearted sort of stories that is usually found in Enid's great works...

these books have more of an educational approach to them....

The little animals talk to each other and teach one another how they live, feed, hunt and survive in the big wide world.

This may not be in the correct published order but the first I read in the trio book series was:

If you love learning about nature but don't always want to trawl through in depth pages full of facts, (I don't know about you but I never retain facts in my head!), this series of Enid Blyton stories will educate and inform you through fictional story form and in a way that will grab your imagination! 

Country Tales was the next set of stories...

I think I have learnt more about eals, toads, snakes, weasels, badgers, mice, not to mention all the birds! and so many other little creatures that live day to day amongst us.

Woodland Tales was the final one....

These stories have given me a greater appreciation of our common wildlife and what each little species has to go through to survive.

Here are some more book I'm planning to read by Enid Blyton which are along the same lines...

and I'm saving the final last chapters of my favourite Enid Blyton nature book so far, until I've finished all the rest!

The Enid Blyton Society's website:

Have also been re-vamping Verity Hope's website, adding a whole new load of photo shoots, very much inspired by Enid Blyton's love of nature and happy tales!

Here are a few pics of Verity Hope dolls enjoying the meadow:

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