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22 May 2014

Dewees Cochran

May I introduce my new beautiful Dewees Cochran 'Cindy' doll...

She is a reproduction of the original dolls made by

They have a beautiful vintage charm and I fear Cindy may not end up my only Cochran doll... I have already spotted some originals on Ebay.... oh that spells trouble!

Because I absolutely love the early styles of the 1920s, I decided Cindy needed a re-vamp.... she was looking too modern for my taste so I gave her a make over....

What do you think?

This is before....

And this is after with her new 1920s style bob...

The bob could go a little shorter for 1920s but I'm not quite brave enough to do least not today anyway.

She reminds me of the little girl 'Milly Next door' in one of the MILLY MOLLY MANDY stories...
'Milly Molly Mandy Has Friends'

'Milly next door' came to tea at MILLY MOLLY MANDY's nice white cottage with the thatched roof and met little friend Susan and Billy Blunt and toasted hot muffins in front of the stove. 

Doesn't this illustration by Joyce Lankester Brisley look cosy?

Susannah x

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