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15 July 2014

Holly Hobbie

I think I could gaze at the illustrations of Holly Hobbie for the rest of my life. 
 They are quire perfect and utterly mesmorising...don't you think?

It was only years after treasuring a Holly Hobby cloth doll which fitted inside a little pocket that I learned, Holly Hobbie was the name of the actual illustrator whom she named the character over.

Holly then developed a couple more characters named Any Hobbie and Carrie you remember the dolls? Oh so pretty and oh so timeless...

She used such pretty colour hues...

This is the quintessential Holly Hobby that comes to mind when I think of her most perfect world...covered in a delightful patchwork frock...

When I was developing this Verity Hope doll...who by the way is called 'Verity Hope', I had no thoughts about Holly Hobbie until people started to comment on how much she reminds them of Holly. Well, I can only be flattered that she has developed a similar appeal in features.

I suppose I do see the similarity and like Holly Hobbie, 'Verity Hope' puts a smile on the face.

I embroidered her eyes freestyle and added crinkly hair. 
This Verity Hope has simpler features.... I love them both...

Verity Hope has lovely long legs and I love to vary her boot style.

Some more cloth dolls in the making...

Happy sewing!

Susannah x

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