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10 November 2014

Thank you

I want to give out a huge thank you and welcome this week to all the new likes both on 
Instagram and Facebook... 

It is truly appreciated and a joy to share...
It is so wonderful getting to know each others creations and interests...
and so many people are an inspiration aren't they.
I was fortunate enough to get to see Andy Murray play Kai Nishikori in the opening match of the ATP Tennis finals at the O2 this weekend, what a tremendous atmosphere and thrill to see top tennis live.
I do hope the week goes well for all and if you're a tennis fan enjoy the tournament!
Thank you for visiting,
Susannah x


  1. All lovely here again, Susannah - as always! I particularly love the little house embroidery - shades of Beatrix Potter - gorgeous. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Your presence is very much welcome. I'm always looking forward to seeing new samples from your measured hands and I'm sure we'll have more of those in the nearest future. I think an Etsy shop and a blogspot page will help on that end. Good luck!

    Julius Horton @ Polkadot PR