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10 November 2016

Autumn Cosiness...

What do you like about autumn? 
I like autumn because it's a very cosy time of year.
I love it when the evenings begin to draw in and we can shut the curtains around 4 o'clock...

get into a dressing gown early, curl up in a chair and do some craft work in front of the telly (I would like to say 'warm log fire' but this is 2016 and 'telly' is a modern delight) : )

This is a particularly cosy 1920s illustration of Milly-Molly-Mandy sitting in her dressing gown with  Little-Friend-Susan.

 I imagine the curtains are closed, a soft flickering light and the warmth from the kitchen agar keeps them happy and warm while the autumn leaves tumble in the wind outside.


During these darkening evenings I am busy getting the first Verity Hope doll kits ready.  

I've chosen soft tones for the fabric to bring a sense of homely warmth.  
This is a mish-mash of some of the fabrics in the possible range.  They are all based around 1930s designs and will be used in the dresses...

The next question is how best to package the kit.  This is one idea about using an illustration rather than an image, although if I use this concept I would include actual images of each doll too, perhaps on the back cover.

Doll kits will soon be on their way.

In the meantime during a recent autumn walk (actually a newly discovered pathway I was most thrilled to discover), Nancy and I came across this beautiful autumn blossom... OR are they berries?

Excuse my ignorance but does anyone know which tree it is?
They look like they want to burst open at any moment...

Young Alice and Katy in their new Liberty print dresses wandered off to the mossy area to catch the warm rays of the autumn sunshine.  There's an awful lot to take in when you're only 3" tall and sometimes they go off for hours on end.  I know they always stick together though so am never worried about bad tempered pixies approaching them.

Here are some lovely illustrations by the wonderful Holly Hobbie.
She conjures up a perfect autumnal world in her beautiful images.  I think you will agree... 

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Happy days to all those who still play!
Thank you for visiting,
Susannah x


  1. ...just simply too amazing, thank you so much for this wonderful share!!!...

  2. Thank you 'The Alchemist's Daughter', I'm glad you liked the post x

  3. Your photos of Verity Hope out and about exploring are great - so cute! She's sitting in a spindle tree and the pink things are fruits. There are quite a few spindle trees growing alongside the tracks here in Wiltshire - they can look really amazing when the sun shines in winter. All the best, Steph

    1. Thank you Steph, that's so kind of you to mention it's a spindle tree, I've never heard of one and those lovely pink things are the fruit! I will study them more now, thank you so much, Susannah x