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27 November 2016

Festive Fairies

I am a little thrifty by nature 'make do and mend" comes very naturally so I get great joy from using left over notions and bringing fresh life to them.

For the longest time (probably a decade) I've had a stash of pretty ribbon flowers.  

Since Christmas is coming up I thought the flowers would lend themselves very nicely to turning into fairy dresses for some little dolls to hang on the tree.   It was also the perfect excuse to utilise some bright red and pink embroidery silks I've not used.

I made the wire armature bodies in the same way as in the DOLL KITS except I made the limbs slightly thinner since they're going to be fairies (and fairies need to be light weight in order to fly).

Then on went the ribbon flower petal skirts.  I had to unravel them slightly so the fairies could put their legs through, and then gathered them in at the waist.  Some glitter thread was added to the legs to add a bit of sparkle...

 Next came the bodices.  I decided to needle felt this part to give the fairies a nice warmth for the cold Christmas season and a little more sparkle thread brightened them up nicely.

These heads were an older prototype version I designed before I settled on the Verity Hope doll heads for the KITS so they were going spare.  Perfect to use for a Christmas fairy project.

Bubble gum pink hair complimented the little outfits fabulously...

Soon they were coming to life...

No fairy is complete without some wings....

And to finish off... little squashy Strawberry Shortcake style hats finished off with a ribbon bow....

Now these fairies can keep the little pink brigade happy.... 
A whole new friendship circle is being formed on the fairy tree!

Happy festive doll making!
Susannah x

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