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26 July 2017

A New Little Scene For The Girls...

I first set eyes on this exquisite little flower shop scene when visiting the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in London a few years ago.  
It's by my favourite miniature scene suppliers from Germany:  
Image by
They sell amazingly little detailed props and furniture, many in kit form which is my favourite way to build up scenes.  There's something quite magical about making something yourself, much more satisfying than simply buying piecies.

So I took the plunge and finally treated self to the

The kit comes as an MDF flat pack or you can purchase it already assembled, but as said, I prefer the satisfaction of making things myself.

Amelia and Audrey were most excited when the box arrived...

 Like with all Art of Mini kits, the instructions were really easy to follow with helpful step by step images throughout...

 Tiberius Maximus Olympus tried to help by stepping on all the pieces...

It was just a question really of gluing it all together with wood glue and placing some heavy items to hold it all in place.  

 I always seem to make a mess using glue..!

The scene is placed slightly off centre which makes it more interesting. 

Verity Hope wanted to check on the progress.  I'm sure she's already imagining all the little adventures she'll soon be having in it...

I love the inside wall panel, it creates a lovely interest point for displaying furniture...

And finally the roof was stuck on.  I sanded down all the edges first...

Somebody couldn't wait to try the furniture inside... steady on Madeleine I haven't finished it yet!!

And then she called Verity Hope and Audrey in... give me a chance to finish it girlies!!

Next step of course is to paint it which I shall have to give more thought to.  In the meantime a lovely new book about the history of Sasha dolls arrived so that'll be quite a distraction until next time...!!

Thank you for visiting and do take a look at the Verity Hope doll making kits in the sidebar. They are 12th scale and look very nice with ART OF MINI props!

Now I'm off to blow naughty fairies about... such fun!!

Until next time... just be you!!
Susannah x

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