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11 August 2013

Not quite Fabien Lapin

Fabien Lapin, Verity Hope's kindly neighbour and very close friend has been slowly emerging from his trip away.

Fabien Lapin prefers a simple style with a few added details like stripes
Being quite a private soul, we don't like to say secretive, he prefers 'private', it is unknown exactly where or what Fabien Lapin has been up to on his venture. I might take a guess and suggest that it has something to do with fragrance?

Early Fabien Lapin in the making
Hmmm... I wonder if that might be the case Fabien? We know your love of perfume and Grasse is so close to where you live... we'll leave it at that.

Early Fabien Lapin almost complete
Anyway, this is an early Fabien Lapin and I thought I'd show his development stages.

An early Fabien Lapin
Fabien is currently under R&D and will be revealed again soon for an exciting project he is going to be involved in.

Fabien Lapin with Verity Hope and little sister Amelie Rose
Thank you for looking,
Susannah x

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